Aluminum Anodizing, chemical bright dip, conversion coating

Northeast Ohio Aluminum Plating Processes

From our location in Northeast Ohio, we offer several aluminum plating processes including: anodizing, chemical bright dip, and conversion coating.


Conversion Coating

This is a chemical treatment that converts the metal surface to a superficial layer containing a complex mixture of chromium compounds. The films can be modified from thin, clear to yellow iridescent, to the heaviest brown.

Common Specs
Conversion Coating MiL-C-5541
Anodize MiL-A-8625

Final Note:

For any processes or treatments not listed, please contact our staff at AETNA Plating. We will do our best to accomodate your specific requests or refer you to a facilty that can meet those requirements. In either case, we appreciate and thank you for considering us to serve you in all your plating needs.